Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hi, now it's July

Hi. yes, hi.
It's been months.
I only blog when I'm bored. Thinking of deleting you, my blog.
since this is my personal blog full of shitty useless talks.
I only update in one social media,
which is Instagram. yes, Instagram only.

well, It's been months, yes, and I've been working like dogs.
I travel while working. quite fun but too tired, like slept at 3am & woke up at 6am.
but I got plenty of free time recently. well.. I know I've been wanting to be a businesswoman.
but I don't think this is the business I want to be in forever. only temporary.

I miss you, fashion industry. really.
but my father raised all their children to be independent.
So I have to work on my own for living and now I'm raising fund for fashion business that I've planned. I know It's not a big plan, at least I know I'm happy to do it.
But at least I'm not like my brother who even paid for his house, living & his study to be a specialist on his own. I don't know if he'll get married on his own too or my father. geez. lucky I'm a girl, so mommy's on my side (sometimes).
So I'm planning to save for new york next year, but I'm not so sure I'm going since I need to work.

I'm not a type of girl who save money to get rich.
or save all my money to buy all the branded stuffs (well, maybe one or two).
I'd better save money and spend it on traveling. I want to travel while I can.
Since I know when I've reached my age to get married and have kids, I have to save money for their future or I will have no time to travel anywhere since I have to take care of my family.
I think It's useless to get rich but you can't enjoy it.
I'd better to live sufficiently but happy than to finally be so rich but regret.

I'll just upload random photos :

For complete days, I'll be on Instagram !


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March and counting days.

So it's march and I just got back from Bangkok.
yes I went to bangkok only because aunty asked me to accompany her for business trip.
well, I met some doctors around asia ; singapore, myanmar, malaysia, india, japan.
It's from Hitachi japan seminar, they paid for our transportation, hotel, and everything.
So I thought, why not?

before bangkok.

Good morning bangkok, meow!

Ready for the private cocktail party & dinner.

Micky mouse pancake specially made for me <3 p="">

no more photos since i didn't know what to take.
bought plenty of flowers for my aunt's upcoming new cafe.
honestly i hate the design, I wanted to help,
but we just don't have the same point of view,
nor the same taste. whatever.

So aunt asked me to learn her business because she think I can communicate with all the doctors.
but I think I'll decide to learn from other. I like environmental things better.
I want to stand on my own, learn business and work from 0.
I wish next year or next two years I can take my parents for holiday trip.
doesn't matter where, as long as with my own money. amen.
Though I miss my lifestyle in Jakarta with plenty of fun, events, stores, cafe, boyfriend & good friends,
but I will try to survive here, for business. Thank God I have a very understanding boyfriend.
I want to be both, designer and businesswoman. I hope it will come true soon.
I know if there's will, then there's a way.
stay focus and pray. amen.

love & kisses.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Third and Fourth Week

It's been a month here, everything started to feel so boring.
maybe mom loves me too much. She always prepare everything I need.
She feeds me well, even too well until I'm confused what to eat today.
But really, I can't stay here. There's nothing here. My life is not here. *sigh*

anyway I've missed so many events such as Swedish House Mafia Last Tour, Indonesian Fashion Week 2013, Brighspot Market, some gatherings. and going to be missed : Steve Aoki & more gatherings and some weddings. fuck I hate this :(

So, The Third Week : Back to hometown and It's Lunar New Year week, everyone's coming home.
You have to excuse my narcism since I have so much time to waste and there's nothing good to take picture of.

"I begin to stop whining on everything while I know there're a lot of unfortunate people out there who're very grateful if they can eat once a day."

From the night before Lunar, when everyone had a big family feast.
I have mine at Grandma's.

 And finally, It's Lunar New Year Day 1 & 2.
visitting relatives, attending the open houses.
Say hi to RED.

so my bff, dellany & madelaine.
dellany was going back the next day, so we only had a chance to meet at night,
they came to my open house. so we decided to meet up & had an early breakfast,
without taking a bath, without make up or well-dressed.
medi is an exception, she's cheating, wearing eyeliner & rolled her hair -_-

Talking about Valentine's Day, I didn't have any dinner date this year.
fuckit. so I spent my v'day with my secondary school friends at The Kitchen, Aryaduta Hotel.
we ruined people's dinner by being so noisy. ha. sure, hate us. ha!

when you see them, you'll know, time flies.

and Spent the next day with my high school friends.
Forgot to take photos with the boys.

Saturday night was just for the three of us.
my primary school friend and my dearest hometown friend.

 And Sunday :

The Law. The Entrepreneur. The Pastry-Chef. The Designer.

A short monday afternoon,
had a quick tea-time since sherley wanna go back to singapore the next day.

and still counting days, being businesswoman for a day.
woke up early, accompanied aunt for showcase and meeting with doctors then went to the bank.

Tea-time of the day menu : Chocolate attack.

So, everyone has gone back to their routine,
Friends are gone back to overseas for studies. I'm so bored.

love and kisses.